Planning Your Medical Flight with An Air Ambulance Directory

For sure, an emergency medical service is the last thing that you would want when you are traveling locally or abroad. However, accidents and spontaneous medical emergencies happen without prior notice. Thus, not planning for an aero medical transportation can frustrate you and it also means that you need to overpay for these services.

Before you pick up an air ambulance directory, read these tips that will teach you what to look for in an air ambulance US service provider, how to make a request and where to look for more information.

What to Look for in Air Ambulance

First of all, there are many types of aircrafts used for emergency medical flights. In most cases, however, helicopters are mainly preferred for evacuation of the patient. Aside from the fact that smaller aircrafts like helicopters travel faster, they can also cover great distances without stopping to refuel.

Planes are generally helpful when an airport is nearby. Planes have also larger interiors that can accommodate both the patient and those who would want to travel with him or her. Although the size of the aircraft does not necessarily affect the level of medical assistance provides, though, it affects whether family members can be permitted to go along with the patient.

How to Request Aero Medical Services

Requesting the services of an medical air ambulance is actually quite easy. You can search a company in the internet, browse through an air ambulance directory or you may also ask your family members, friends or colleagues for references. The hard part is actually figuring out what kind of services you will need.

Just like there are many types of aircrafts for aero medical transportation, the needs of the patient also vary. Thus, if the patient needs extra medical attention, make sure that the service providers, the staffs and the health professionals are well-trained and experienced in providing medical services with an extra care.

Getting More Information

If you are travelling out of the country, it can be inconvenient to have air medical emergency services abroad. And if you inquire away from home, expect that you’ll pay an extra amount of money to hire their services. However, there are many resources to get more information. As a US citizen, you can visit US embassies and the ambassador.

You may also want to consider medical travel insurance for either expatriates or regular travelers; however, you need to check it with your travel insurance provider. There are also organizations that specialize in arranging these kinds of types of flights. You need to call ahead though to make sure that you will have an available air ambulance provider on a specific schedule.

You may also check with the Travel.State.gov to find a list of air ambulance directory. This site has proven to be helpful in giving every US citizen the right directions to follow when traveling abroad. It is a common mistake by many travelers to not assume that air ambulance service providers are only needed in times of emergencies. However, your self would thank you if you make sure that everything is taken care of when every time you travel.

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